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Who is Andrew G. Biggs?

Who is Andrew G. Biggs?  Why should you read his articles?  Andrew G. Biggs is a leading authority on public employee pensions.  He has written and continues to write numerous articles regarding the economical catastrophic effects brought onto the citizens by state public employees pension plan (PERS).  

Articles from Andrew G. Biggs

Experience – Andrew G. Biggs is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC. Before AEI Biggs was the principal deputy commissioner of the Social Security Administration (SSA), where he oversaw SSA’s policy research efforts and led the agency’s participation in the Social Security Trustees working group. In 2005 he worked on Social Security reform at the National Economic Council.   In 2001 Biggs was a staff member of the President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security. Biggs work at AEI is on Social Security reform, state and local government pensions, and comparisons of public and private sector compensation. His writings have been published in academic venues and in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post. He has testified before Congress on numerous occasions.

  • Principal Deputy Commissioner, 2007; Deputy Commissioner for Policy, 2006-2007; Associate Commissioner for Retirement Policy, 2003-2006, Social Security Administration
  • Associate Director, National Economic Council, White House, 2005
  • Social Security Analyst, Cato Institute, 1999-2003
  • Staff Member, President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security, 2001
  • Director of Research, Congressional Institute, 1998-99

Education – Biggs earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Queen’s University of Belfast, Masters Degrees from Cambridge University and the University of London and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics.

Ph.D., government, London School of Economics

M.Sc., financial economics, University of London

M.Phil. social and political theory, Cambridge University

B.A., philosophy, Queen’s University of Belfast


Information gathered from American Enterprise Institute Website

Information gathered  from American Enterprise Institute Website

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